#1ToolPerWeek: Canva – Slay Like Picasso Without a Degree

Welcome back to our #1ToolPerWeek blog series, where we explore various digital tools that can make your life easier and more creative. This week, we dive into the world of Canva - the popular online designing tool that has taken the design world by storm. So, fasten your seatbelts, because things are about to get graphic!

Slay Like Picasso Without a Degree

Let's face it – not all of us were born with an innate sense of design. While some people effortlessly create masterpieces with the flick of a wrist, the rest of us struggle to draw a straight line. But fear not, dear readers, because Canva is here to rescue you from design disaster. ;)

With its simple drag-and-drop interface, even a monkey could use it. Well, maybe not a monkey, but you get the idea. Canva is so easy to use, it's practically foolproof. You don't need any prior design experience to dive right in and start creating jaw-dropping graphics. From business owners to social media managers, Canva is the secret weapon in their arsenal. Finally, the power of design is in your hands!

Design on a Budget? Canva's Got You Covered

Money makes the world go round, but it also tends to leave a hole in our wallets. Luckily, Canva understands the struggle and offers both free and premium plans. The free plan provides a wide range of features that are perfect for beginners or those dipping their toes into the design pool.

But wait, there's more! For the design aficionados out there, the premium plan offers advanced tools that will make you feel like a pro in no time. So whether you're a starving artist or a design guru, Canva has a plan that suits your needs and won't break the bank.

The Swiss Army Knife of Design Tools

Canva doesn't just stop at creating pretty graphics - it's a Swiss Army Knife of design! With its extensive library of pre-made templates, Canva allows you to design anything your heart desires. Need a flyer for your garage sale? Canva has a template for that. Want to design a logo for your new business venture? Canva has your back. Even planning a wedding and needing the perfect invitation? You guessed it – Canva will please you in every possible way.

But that's not all. Canva also offers a vast selection of built-in images and illustrations, making it a piece of cake to find the perfect visual to complement your design. The possibilities are endless, and the fun with Canva? Well, the fun with it can be endless too!

Collaborate and Conquer

Creating in isolation is so last season. Canva understands the importance of collaboration and makes it a breeze to work together on a project. Whether you're designing a company newsletter or collaborating on a custom t-shirt, Canva is a great place for teamwork.

Invite your team members, friends, or colleagues to join your Canva account and let the creative magic unfold. No more endless email chains or confusing feedback – with Canva, collaborating becomes a symphony of design brilliance. Leave comments for each other in specific projects, tag each other and receive notifications - communication over a project will be smooth as butter.

Let's Get Embedded

One particularly impressive feature of Canva is how effortlessly it allows you to embed carousels and videos into your website. With just a few clicks, you can copy the code and place it directly onto your site, without worrying about any loss of quality or formatting issues. Whether you're looking to create an eye-catching product showcase or a compelling video to showcase your brand's story, Canva's easy embedding feature ensures that your content is displayed in all its high-definition glory.

Sharing is Caring (and Scheduling)

Once your masterpiece is complete, it's time to show the world - or at least your social media followers. Canva takes sharing to the next level with its social media integration. You can easily share your creations on popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

But wait, there's more! Canva even offers a scheduling feature that lets you plan and manage your social media posts. It's like having your own personal social media manager but without a pricey salary. While we at Digi2 have our own personal preference for another solution (we use Buffer instead), Canva definitely deserves a spot on your list of social media tools.

NEW UPDATE! Canva for Google Ads

Canva has introduced a significant update for advertisers: customizable templates for Google Ads, specifically designed for Performance Max campaigns. This new feature is set to revolutionize the way advertisers create and manage their ad assets.

  • Customizable Ad Templates: Creating ads from scratch can be time-consuming, but Canva's new templates simplify the process. These templates allow advertisers to design visually appealing Google Ads quickly and easily, freeing up valuable time to focus on business development and other strategic activities.
  • Seamless Integration with Google Ads: Canva now offers direct integration with Google Ads, enabling users to transfer text and image assets effortlessly into their Google Ads resource library. Although video assets aren’t supported yet, they can still be uploaded via YouTube Studio. Google is actively working on integrating video assets into this seamless workflow.

While these features are optimized for Performance Max campaigns, they are versatile enough to be utilized across various campaign types. This update demonstrates Canva's commitment to making ad creation more accessible and efficient for all users.

Well, as you can see, the uses for Canva are practically endless. Whether you're a design newbie or a seasoned pro, Canva has something to offer. With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, collaborative features, and more, the fun with Canva can indeed be endless. So go ahead, unleash your inner designer, and let Canva be your creative best friend!

See you next week!