Webflow Updates – May 2024

Webflow never fails to impress, and the May 2024 updates are no exception. From enhanced control in the Style panel to expanded CMS API capabilities, the latest features are sure to make site-building even more exciting. Let's delve into the details of these game-changing updates!

As we're all aware, Webflow is a platform that never fails to impress us with its constant improvements. Every month, Webflow releases new features and updates that make our life as site-builders easier. May 2024 brings with it a set of 5 exciting new updates that we cannot wait to share with you. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let's take a closer look at them.

Webflow Updates in May 2024:

1st Update: Additional sizing and layout controls

Webflow's first update in May 2024 is all about control. The company has added new sizing and layout options in the Style panel, making it easy to control element sizing with new box sizing options, clip overflowing content, and adjust vertical alignment. Until now, all these controls required custom CSS properties, but with this update, all our sizing and layout needs are available in the Style panel itself.

2nd Update: WebP Conversion Tool for CMS assets

WebP is a new image format that's been touted to replace JPEGs and PNGs. Webflow has added a WebP conversion tool for CMS assets, making it easy to compress and convert all your CMS images into WebP files. This conversion tool is available for all Collections in your Webflow sites and promises improved site performance.

3rd Update: Increased custom code character limit

Custom code unlocks advanced use cases that native Webflow capabilities may not always support. If you're a site builder who relies on custom code for custom site integrations, third-party libraries, or more fine-grained control of your site’s styles and behaviors, Webflow has you covered. The company has increased the character limit to 50,000, making it easier for you to implement your code for more control over your site’s styles and behaviors.

4th Update: Extended element conversions

Webflow has upgraded its element conversion feature, making it easier for you to modify and adapt your layouts to your evolving design needs without manual rebuilding. Now, you can convert a broader range of elements beyond just div and link blocks. Convert containers, typography, and inline text elements with just a right-click, and preserve styles and settings.

5th Update: Expanded CMS API capabilities for developers on Webflow

Webflow believes in empowering developers through its CMS API capabilities. That's why they've added two new GET endpoints enabling developers to fetch CMS data directly from their live site database, versus only their staged site database. Additionally, a new sort and filter capability enables more precise GET requests by “item name”, “slug/url”, and “published date” for both staged and live/published CMS data.

In a nutshell, Webflow's May 2024 updates have made our life as site-builders easier and allowed us to focus on our creativity rather than tedious tasks. From control in the Style panel to extended element conversions and expanded CMS API capabilities, Webflow has outdone itself again. We cannot wait to see what the company has in store for us in June. Stay tuned! By following Digi2, you won't miss a thing. :)