From Wordpress to Webflow – Case Study of Optical Salon

Good news travels fast, and we are grateful that word about our exceptional services is spreadingacross the world! In this case study, we will take you through the journey of our client, the New Glasses optical salon in Wroclaw, as we tackled their challenges and transformed their online presence with a touch of Digi2's magic.

Challenge: Speed, Simplicity, and Search Engine Visibility

The client approached us with several challenges. First and foremost, they were dissatisfied with the speed of their website. The sluggishness was detrimental to their user experience, affecting potential customer conversions. In addition, the client found it tedious to edit their website due to the complexities of the old WordPress platform, which often demanded significant adjustments to the site template. Recognizing the need for a simpler and faster solution, we considered a migration to Webflow.

Moreover, the client also expressed a desire to enhance their search engine visibility (SEO). By optimizing their website for search engines, the client aimed to attract more organic traffic and enhance their online presence. After careful consideration, it became evident that Webflow was the ideal solution that would address all these challenges.

Solution: Migration and Development with Webflow

With the client's goals in mind, we embarked on a journey of migration from WordPress to Webflow. One of the key advantages of this transition was the elimination of website hosting issues that plagued the old WordPress site. By managing the entire website from a single panel, the Webflow platform simplified the client's website management experience significantly.

But the transformation did not stop at migration alone. The old version of the website was a typical one-pager that failed to offer the desired user experience. Collaboratively, we decided to develop a new website that would encompass various sub-pages, tailored content, and a future panel for clients. Webflow proved to be the perfect backdrop for these developments, allowing us to design and implement a fully functional and visually appealing website.

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What Was and What Is: A Seamless Transition and Ongoing Support

The transition from Wordpress to Webflow was a smooth and efficient process. Why? Because we know exactly how to do it right ;)

Our team swiftly executed the migration, working closely with the client to adjust graphics, content, and the overall look of the new website. In under a month, we completed the new design, showcasing the strength and quality of our tailor-made solutions for our wonderful clients.

Post-migration, our responsibilities did not end there. We continued to provide ongoing support and management for the site on the Webflow platform.

Our comprehensive services included SEO optimization, handling local ad campaigns, and ensuring the client's seamless online presence. New Glasses optical salon could rely on us from A to Z, even after the project's completion.

See for yourself by checking out the end result:

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