Our Journey to a Remarkable Real Estate Website Project

In the fast-paced world of digital innovation, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Digi2, known for being the fixer of all things tech-related, took on the challenge of transforming Bernandyńska.com, the epitome of luxury real estate in Wroclaw. The problem at hand? A cumbersome Figma setup that was about as nimble as a sleeping elephant, making updates a slow and tedious affair. But fear not, Digi2 was here to sprinkle some technological magic dust.

The Problem: Unleashing the Technological Beast

Before embarking on this project, Bernandyńska.com faced a multitude of challenges. The website suffered from sluggish CMS frontend and backend updates, agonizingly slow loading speeds, and difficulties in extending and maintaining the platform. It was clear that a revolutionary solution was needed.

The Solution: Digi2 Taking the Stage

Digi2 emerged as the solution to the challenges faced by Bernandyńska.com. The focus on a modern IT architecture, supported by the robust Google Cloud, played a pivotal role in the transformation. By localizing operations in Warsaw, Poland, Digi2 optimized the website's performance, resulting in loading speeds comparable to a high-speed train.

But the magic didn't stop there. Digi2 fostered a collaboration utopia, bringing together the Designers Team, Marketing Team, and tech gurus to seamlessly transition from Figma to Webflow. It was like watching a symphony where each instrument played in perfect harmony.

The Focus: Luxury Redefined, Experience Simplified

At the heart of the project was the goal of showcasing the most luxurious apartments in Wroclaw through an intuitive and user-friendly layout. Gone were the days of tedious and time-consuming updates. With the website's easy-to-use interface, content management became a breeze, enabling seamless backend enhancements and reducing maintenance efforts.

Furthermore, Digi2 implemented a synchronization system with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ensuring no more unnecessary delays. Sales and product information could now be effortlessly updated, empowering the sales team to provide real-time data to potential customers.

Implementation Results: Unleashing Customer Satisfaction

Success in any digital transformation project is ultimately reflected in customer satisfaction. And the Bernandyńska.com project has achieved just that - making it the pinnacle of real estate websites.

In the words of the CEO of Bernandyńska Investment,
Peter, "Just now I scrolled through our website. Objectively, it came out very well. I think we have the best website on the market, and I hope customers will appreciate it."
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What Makes This Project Spectacular

The transformation of Bernandyńska.com into an awe-inspiring digital masterpiece has been nothing short of extraordinary. Let's take a closer look at the key elements that have made this project truly unforgettable:

  • Visual Treats: The website comprises a plethora of stunning images, capturing the essence of luxury and opulence. Additionally, two embedded high-quality videos, totaling 400MB, take visitors on a virtual journey through their potential dream homes.
  • Unparalleled User Experience: A dedicated search engine allows users to effortlessly navigate through the vast array of luxurious apartment options, simplifying the process of finding their ideal living space. The unique 4x3 grid slider provides an engaging interface that showcases the properties in the most captivating way.
  • Real-time Editing: In a revolutionary move, clients can modify the content of the site as they view it, thanks to the ability to edit the website during real-time usage. This unprecedented feature allows for seamless customization and a personalized browsing experience.
  • Low Maintenance, High Efficiency: With the transition to Webflow and their Cloud storage, even with the addition of extensive content, the website's speed loading has drastically improved. Easy maintenance ensures that Bernandyńska.com remains at the forefront of the real estate market.
  • CRM Synchronization: Integration with the CRM system guarantees updated product data, eliminating any delays in providing accurate information to potential customers. Sales teams can now seize the moment and close deals faster.
  • Client Empowerment: Clients are granted access to Webflow Flow and FORM Sent data, empowering them to monitor the performance of the website and gain valuable insights into user behavior, strengthening their marketing strategies.

In conclusion, the Bernandynska.com project by Digi2 is more than a digital facelift. It's a testament to what can be achieved when technology, luxury, and innovation waltz together. The website isn't just a showcase; it's an experience, and it's safe to say that Bernandynska.com has set the bar higher in the world of luxury real estate.

Because when it comes to revolutions, we don't just follow the trend – we set it.