[CASE STUDY] Real Estate Webflow Project Journey - Nestt.co

When a real estate client found us on LinkedIn, it marked the beginning of an exciting project that requireda custom solution on a Webflow platform. In this case study, we will dive into the challenges we faced, what the client needed, and the remarkable results we achieved together. Join us!

Nestt.co is a cutting-edge real estate company that is transforming the way properties are sold. Their platform focuses on newly built properties, providing a streamlined experience for buyers and developers alike. With a vision to revolutionize the real estate industry, Nestt.co offers a comprehensive range of services designed to simplify the buying process and showcase investment opportunities.

We were delighted when the business owner called us back to help him spread his digital wings. So let's cut to the chase – what did we accomplish together? :)

Challenge: Creating a Custom Solution with CRM Integration

The challenge was to build a website using 100% data from the client's CRM API. We needed to access all investment data, including investment images and specifications, through the CRM API. Our task was to efficiently download this data and present it on the site in an engaging and visually appealing manner. With our prior experience in creating CRM connections, we approached the task with optimism and unwavering commitment.

What the Customer Needed: Streamlined Web Design and Integration

Our customer required a web design that showcased a comprehensive list of residential developments in Spain, while also allowing for future expansion into new regions. Additionally, they wanted beautifully displayed photos and visualizations that were to be completed separately from the Webflow design process. This meant integrating the client's data completion system with the Webflow platform seamlessly.

Result: What Was, and What Is?

Before we started, there was nothing but the Nestt.co domain. However, we were determined to create something remarkable. Leveraging the power of Webflow, we built an amazing project from scratch based on the layout provided by the client. But don't just take our word for it – feel free to visit our website and see for yourself the transformative impact we made on the Nestt.co.

The most important goal of satisfying our client while delivering the finished project on time was undoubtedly achieved. Not only does the finished website reflect the success of our collaboration, but the client's opinion speaks volumes:

In this case study, we shared the challenges we encountered, the customer's specific needs, and the impressive results we achieved for Nestt.co. By utilizing our expertise in CRM integration and Webflow, we created a visually captivating, easily modifiable, and technologically advanced website.

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