Digi2 timeline

Our purpose is it to help you navigate business change in digital world.
We are on our way to becoming the world's most trusted change partner.

January 2023
Peter always dreamed of setting up his own marketing agency. In 2023, the dream came true.

Digi2 enters into cooperation with Euvic - a global IT integrator and provides services for the largest real estate group in Poland - Echo Investment and Archicom
February 2023
The first Webflow workshops with the real estate client - Archicom Group.
March 2023
The CEO faced his biggest challenge yet: changing diapers.
June 2023
Peter managed to set up a bunch of Google Analytics 4 accounts (migration from UA). It was a piece of cake. Well, not really, but he likes to pretend it was. Now it's time for some big decisions.
July 2023
Digi2 has started cooperation with Toscom Development to work on a new real estate website for the Bernardynska.com project.
November 2023
A big decision. Digi2.pl is going worldwide. The Digi2.agency idea has appeared.
Summary 2023
We have one goal: to succeed in every project.

And we’re almost there - 95% done!

We always put our clients first and make sure they are happy with our work.


Sure, we had a couple.

We took on 2 projects that we knew in our guts were doomed from the start.

And guess what - they flopped.

Big time.

But we learned from our mistakes and we won’t repeat them.


We know who our ideal customer is and we know where we want to go.

And we’re not stopping until we get there.
January 2024
Digi2.agency has arrived! We are here to serve you as a Webflow Agency that specializes in real estate & eCommerce.