Hubspot : Why Is It Worth It? – #1ToolPerWeek

Welcome back to our #1ToolPerWeek series, where we explore and dissect some of the top digital tools available in the market. In this episode, we take a look at Hubspot. Enigmatic, powerful, and brimming with opportunities, Hubspot has taken the marketing world by storm. Let's cut to the chase!

HubSpot is a CRM platform that brings everything scaling companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience into one place.

Today, we'll take a look at the advantages of Hubspot, specifically from the perspective of the Marketing Hub Starter plan – the very plan we use at Digi2.

Let's focus on the data area, where Hubspot truly shines. Here are the top advantages that make Hubspot an indispensable tool on your marketing journey:

1. The CRM for Game-Changing Insights

Imagine having a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with access to CRM capabilities. With Hubspot, this becomes a reality. Analyze customer touchpoints, understand their behavior, and seamlessly connect it to popular platforms like Webflow. Gain invaluable insights into what your customers view, how they view it, and more.

2. Email Marketing Made Effortless

Efficiently send targeted emails to your audience using Hubspot's powerful email marketing tools. Craft captivating email campaigns, track open and click rates, perform A/B testing (possible in a higher plan), and optimize your strategies for maximum impact.

3. Form Integration Simplified

Streamline your lead generation process with Hubspot's seamless integration of Webflow-type forms. Easily create and customize forms within Webflow and effortlessly plug them into Hubspot. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to organized and comprehensive lead management.

4. Unparalleled Email Tracking

Stay in the know with Hubspot's advanced email tracking capabilities. Monitor the performance of your emails with metrics like open rates, click rates, and who didn't open your emails at all. Gain insights into customer engagement and tailor your outreach strategies accordingly.

5. Popups for Maximum Impact

Take control of your website's user experience with Hubspot's interactive and customizable popups. Insert and manage popups effortlessly on your site, capturing the attention of visitors and guiding them towards desired actions.

6. Real-time Chat Support

Engage with your website visitors through Hubspot's chat feature. Embed a chat widget on your site and provide instant, personalized support to enhance customer satisfaction and drive conversions.

7. Seamless Calendar Integration

Effortlessly schedule meetings and manage availability with Hubspot's integrated calendar feature. Send meeting proposals with an embedded calendar or create a dedicated page showcasing your availability. Simplify the scheduling process, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your clients.

8. Webflow Integration for Automation and Monitoring

Hubspot seamlessly integrates with Webflow through a dedicated application. Unlock the power of automation and real-time user tracking, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts and drive targeted campaigns.

9. Ad Integration for Enhanced Insights

Plug in your ads to Hubspot and gain insights into the source of a person's arrival and the forms they submitted. Understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions to maximize your ROI.

10. Cool and User-friendly Interface

Hubspot prides itself on providing a cool and user-friendly interface that is both powerful and easy to navigate. Enjoy a smooth and intuitive experience as you dive into the world of data-driven marketing.


The pricing structure is an important consideration when choosing any tool. Hubspot offers a range of options with additional features that can enhance your marketing efforts. However, even the free version of Hubspot provides a cool CRM for your business needs.

For those looking to unlock the full potential of Hubspot, the Marketing Hub Starter plan comes for €15/month. While it may seem steep, the plan offers a plethora of invaluable features that truly take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Hubspot & Webflow

It's worth noting that in 2024, Hubspot recognized Webflow as the best marketing app. The functionalities offered by Webflow paired with the robust capabilities of Hubspot make this combination a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world.


So, there we have it – a condensed dive into the advantages of Hubspot. From its powerful CRM to seamless integration with various tools, Hubspot opens doors to endless possibilities in the realm of data-driven marketing.

Stay tuned for more exciting tools in our #1ToolPerWeek series!

PS If you would like to combine the powers of Hubspot with Webflow in your company, we would be happy to help you do so, so you can achieve great results. ;)